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A film by Arvind Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, July 16, 2005 • Telugu ]
A film by Arvind Review
Rajiv Kanakala, Rishi, Mona Chopra, Ghazal Srinivas
Sekhar Suri
Sridhar Rao

Thanks to Ram Gopal Verma's inspiration, thrillers, with good production values, are the fad of the day.

A Film by Arvind is close to RGV's kind of movies, both in its conception and its execution. The only problem for director Shekar Suri, who has made bold to choose a very different story, is that he cannot sustain the tempo. Nor is he able to come up with plausible and believable explanations to sustain the suspense.

Rishi (Rishi) and Aravind (Rajiv Kanakala) are friends and are a well-known actor and a director respectively. They change upon a story sent by a writer (Ghazal Srinivas) and set out to the forest house for discussions on it. On the way, they come up against Anupama (Mona Chopra) who tags along with them.

After some mysterious happenings, Arvind realizes that things are happening the way that they had seen in the story. They get the writer to come to their place to understand what will happen next. He, for his part, comes and tells that Anupama is a killer. And her aim is the actor now?

Well, is it, or is there some more to the drama? That is the essence of the suspense. In principle, the film sounds okay and acceptable. But its failure lies in not backing the suspense through understandable knots of happenings.

The actors, Rajiv, Rishi, Mona, all put in a spirited performance. But Ghazal Srinivas is the scene-stealer. He has come up with a corker of a performance.

The technical aspects of the film is even and of high quality. Vijay, the music director, has delivered a memorable re-recording and adds to the suspense and thrill of the moment. Cinematographer Ramesh Krishna is right on the button and his camera angles are just right for such a film.

Shekar Suri deserves praise for attempting a different film. His sense and essential grasp of the needs of such a film is excellent. He is gritty in his approach. A pity he couldn't sustain the evenness all through.

Full marks for earnestness, much less for execution.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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