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7G Rainbow Colony Music Review

7G Rainbow Colony Music Review
Sri Surya Movies
Ravi Krishna, Sonia Agrawal
AM. Rathnam
Yuvan Shankar Raja
A cut above other current albums
Wednesday, June 9, 2004 • Tamil Comments

`7-G Rainbow Colony; is film-maker Selvaraghavan's second movie after the commercially successful and critically acclaimed `Kaadhal Kondein'. Selvaraghavan and Yuvan Shankar Raja had produced one of 2003's greatest musical hits in `Kaadhal Kondein'.

Listening to the music of 7-G Rainbow Colony, one gets the strong feeling that history may repeat itself. What sets `7-G Rainbow Colony' a cut above every other albums out on sale today is the fact that, in this album, Yuvan Shankar Raja has composed one of the most haunting instrumental tracks ever. Anybody who has seen the movie's trailer on TV is unlikely to be left unimpressed.

In the first listen itself, the instrumental `7-G rainbow Colony' theme strikes you with its haunting melody. It reminds one of Western classical music at several points. It is but rarely that an instrumental track without any backing vocals (except for a few hums) catches a listener's attention thus. But `7-G Rainbow Colony' is not all about the theme song which, though the most exceptional track in the album, is not the only eminently listenable number. Another track that catches the listener's ear is `January Maadham', a fast-paced track belted out by Mathangi and Kunal. However, even this track has a haunting undertone to it, keeping thus in step with the mood of the entire album.

`Naam Vayadhukkum' is another good track, but it sounds similar to the kind of tracks composed by A.R. Rahman or Harris Jayraj. The lyrics are young with lots of English words interspersed, and remind one vaguely of  `Boys'. `Ninaithu Ninaithu' has two versions one in which Shreya Ghosal sings, and another which Kay Kay belts out. This tune is rather slow-paced and isn't as catchy as some of the other tracks. Another track, `Music of Joy', is unique in that it seems to incorporate several different genres of music. Starting off with a Latino beat that reminds one of a couple of Ricky Martin song, it then begins to sound a bit like the Ballroom music of yore.

`7-G Rainbow colony', thus, is a great buy even if only for the mellifluous and haunting instrumental theme.