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555 Music Review

555 Music Review
Bharath, Chandni
Music review
Tuesday, May 7, 2013 • Tamil Comments


Sasi the director of the melodious movie Poo returns after a while. This movie will be an action thriller and Bharath the lead actor has toned his body rigorously to appear like a Greek God. The music is by Simon and the movie has been produced under the banner of Chennai Cinema Ltd.
Vizhiyele Vizhiyele
Singers : BlaZe, Chinmayi, Haricharan
Lyrics : Na. Muthukumar

The song completely shoulders on the lead singers, they anchor themselves with some peppy bits of colloquial English in the song. Blaze's English lyrics and singing adds crispier flavor along with Haricharan and Chinmayi making it sweet. Muthukumar has penned romance between the lead characters and the song is all about their mature love. Love, as it happens it makes you go gaga and the feelings of missing the lover, sharing oneself is what the song about. Muthukumar'slyrics is simple to the subject.
Mudhal MazhaiKaalam
Singers : Deepak Doddera
Lyrics : Na. Muthukumar

Deepak stands out competing himself with the music and carving a niche comfortably. The sync of this song is amazing and some neat jingles amidst the vocals is another charming feature. The bass of the song is mild and takes a backseat allowing the vocals and energy from the percussions to consume this song. The song seems to be about the protagonist singing his new found puppy love and the celebration surrounding it. He seems to be engulfed in her love, probably from the first sight and just the mere appearance of her.

Rowdy Girls
Singers : Preethika Rao
Lyrics : Na. Muthukumar

Alright, you've heard dozens of the song that celebrate female power and what they are capable of. Just add this one to the list right away. Almost like the 12B Jyothika's popular number " SariyaThavara" , this song is similar in one or the other way. Trying to catch up with the latest trend, Muthukumar has used his pen to dump all the thoughts the present age gals would do. Preethika gets help from the chorus to anchor this girly bravado song.

Kaadhal Indha Kaadhal
Singers : Kalyani, SatyaPrakash
Lyrics : Na. Muthukumar

More of a song that makes lover long for each other and what to expect from them? An emotional song, Simon uses some heavy background music that pitches and makes use of some very high notes. This also elevates the singers SatyaPrakash and Kalyani to a different level. To enhance the emotion of this song, some recursive "Chama Chama" female vocals has been glued at places. The flute is a melody to hear and could have been used even more to distinguish it clearly.

Singers : Simon
Lyrics : Simon

The song is the pick of the lot, full of hip hop and rap infused with some electrical impulse juxtaposed. Full of local pieces blended together and all over there are one liners that we hear over a death. You might assume this song is funny, yet the lyrics are pretty serious surrounding death, however the composition is hilarious and makes you giggle for sure. With some deep chorus throughout, the song is something totally new and never attempted before kind. For sure the visuals need to justify the audio, as it has uppedthe hype level.

Ghani Khamma
Singers : MeghanaDandekar
Lyrics : Noel Rodrigues

A start with some soft Ghazals and the feel of a Hindustani entertainer, the song is rendered by Meghana. A tiny song that captures the attention instantly, however it's less than 2 minutes. The song is left a euphoric feeling of wanting more, the visuals will have to do justice to prove its length.

Singers: SatyaPrakash

Another bit song that starts of harmoniously rendering Carnatic music and all of a sudden it pops out the western style. Satyaprakash easily finishes the bit and to judge this song is something arguable as the length is just above a minute.

Verdict : Elavu and MuthalMazhai are fresh and winners, as a whole a decent attempt from the music director who makes his debut.