5 uncanny similarities between Ramaleela and Dileep's rela life - SPECIAL SLIDE SHOW


Ever since the release date of Dileep's Ramaleela was announced, there have been different opinions for and against the film. While one side of the audiences are running campaigns to boycott the film, saying that they wouldn't watch the film of someone who has been accused of rape, many others are of the opinion that a film should be treated as a film. At the same time, some netizens felt that the movie has some 'real-life connection' which is evident from its promotional videos and posters.Amidst all these controversies, Ramaleela's scriptwriter Sachy in a recent interview to a popular newspaper has made some shocking revelations about the uncanny similarities between the film and Dileep's real life. Check out what they are!


1. In the movie, Dileep's character Ramanunni, a successful and popular MLA, becomes the victim of a political conspiracy and is interrogated, arrested and goes through trials that are similar in nature to what the actor is facing in real life too. The whole movie is in fact about Ramanunni's struggle to prove his innocence.

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2. In real life, when Dileep was arrested, thousands bumped in to catch a glimpse of the actor. In movie too, there seems to be a similar scene. Sachy narrates," Also, there is a scene in which Ramanunni's friend and politician TC (Thomas Chacko), essayed by actor Shajon, quips, after glancing at the crowd that gathered to listen to his speech, "You seem to have lot of supporters" and Ramanunni responds that even more people would turn up if he is sentenced to death."

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3. Like in real life, in the movie too there is a scene where Dileep comes out of the jail with permission to offer 'shradham' to his father under police escort.


4.Sachy has also revealed a scene which has an uncanny similarity to Dileep's current life. "There is a scene where Ramanunni asks the investigation officer enacted by Mukesh, "Prathi njanavanam ennoru theerumanam ullathupole... (Seems there is a decision to make me the culprit)" to which Mukesh replies, "Thelivukal theerumanikkum prathi aravanamennullathu... (The proof will determine who the culprit is). Similar questions and confusions are raging in our society after Dileep's arrest," reveals Sachy.

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5. The film even shows the society being divided into two and the media discussions and trial of the character exactly the way it is happening to Dileep after the arrest in connection to the actress abduction case.

Ever since the release date of Dileep's Ramaleela was announced, there have been different opinions for and against the film...