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36 China Town Preview

36 China Town Peview
Mukta Arts
Akshaye Khanna, Kareena Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor, Isha Koppikar, Paresh Rawal, Johnny Lever, Payal Rohatgi
Abbas, Mustan
Raju Farookhi
Himesh Reshammiya

36 China Town

Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments

Everyone today has to make money to survive, to live, to thrive. And everyone who is  trying to make money can be categorized in one of three categories:  The first includes those people who earn money and also do good to Society at large. The second category is of those people who are earning money for themselves alone. The third category is of people who commit heinous acts to earn money and are harmful to Society.

36 China Town promises to be an entertaining film about all three kinds of people, with different motivations.

Raja and Priya are two important protagonists who want to help society by earning money. While another couple, Vicky and Soniya,  want to make money and don't want to do any service to Society.

Madam Sushmita is the owner of a casino. She is corrupting society, but for her, it's only business. Madam has a 5-year-old son who disappears.

Madam Sushmita places ads in the papers offering a handsome reward for the child's recovery. Raj and Priya find the child, and these are the same characters who have been desperately looking for ways to make money, and also have the good of Society at heart.

So Raj and Priya,  who are strangers to each other, become business partners just for the reward money. Because of the kid, they become friends too. The child gets attached to them. The child starts calling them papa and mama, addressing them as father and mother. They pretend to be a married couple. While on their way to return the child, Raj and Priya fall in love.

Raj and Priya take the child and reach Madam Sushmita palace at midnight and find a hand of a corpse. Petrified, they vanish from the premises, and even forget that they have left their suitcase behind. Along with, of course, their footprints.

Because of their footprints and their suitcase, they are declared the killers of Madam Sushmita.

The case gets even more complicated and two lovers with good intentions find themselves on the run from the police and the dons. What follows is a romantic thriller through unexpected turns and twists leading to a spectacular climax!

Directed by super-successful and consistent directors Abbas Mastan, who have become masters of their genre of the commercial Hindi film thriller, 36 China Town stars Akshaye Khanna, Kareena Kapoor,  Shahid Kapur,  Isha Koppikar, Paresh Rawal, Johnny Lever, Payal Rohatgi and others, and introduces Upen Patel.

Key technical credits: Music by Himesh Reshammiya, Lyrics by Sameer, Art Direction by R Verman, Editing by Husain, Sound by Rakesh Ranjan, Cinematography by Ravi Yadav, Executive Producer Raju Farookhi, and Director duo Abbas-Mastan. Produced by Mukta Arts.