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3 AM Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, September 26, 2014 • Hindi ]
3 AM Review
A Handprint Pictures Production, Essel Vision Productions Ltd
Rannvijay Singh, Anindita Nayar, Salil Acharya, Kavin Dave
Vishal S Mahadkar
Siddharth Atha, Nittin Keni, Richard De Varda

What is it all about?

Majorly spoofy and occasionally spooky tribute to Vikram Bhatt school of horror on Panormal Activity principles also leaving an application to be Ghost Hunters disciples (the discovery channel series) Vishal Mahadkar’s ‘3 A.M.’ is predictable for horror genre enthusiasts, frightening for those for whom even a theme park ride can give goose bumps whereas the remaining can laugh it out for its hilarious unintentionally funny moments.

The Story

Sunny (Ranvijay), Cyrus (Salil) and Raj (Kavin) work for a TV channel. Success is dancing at their doors Sarah (Anandita Nayar) is Sunny’s love angle. One mysterious night Sarah while researching on her reality show on paranormal existence is found dead in Rudra Mill.

Broken Sunny after coping up with the dead of his beloved plans to capture the spirits at Rudra Mills in his camera accompanied by Cyrus and Raj.

A perfect setting for a nail biting horror is waiting.. but damn what we get is some unintentionally hilarious fun till the interval.

Post interval things get spooky reminding us that we are watching a horror but again unwanted romanticisms to b-town song and dance come to scare your patience.

What to look out for

Ironically, Kavin is the most entertaining part in this horror flick. His comic timings bring relief to what it could have being a complete disaster. Vishal Mahadkar as the director does a fair job but he is beaten by his own script. Salil Acharya is fine. Anandita Nayar is okay. Technicalities are passable.  Sound design is apt.

What not

The writing is predictable and pale. Another b-town horror with demons this time Bhagwad Gita instead of Hanuman Chalisa for a change. Offering no innovation, promise and improvement to B-town horror genre after RGV ‘s ‘Bhooth’. The lead Ranvijay can hardly act.

Conclusion: 3 A.M. is such a horrifying experience. It makes you laugh at the makers while watching the film and when it gets over it makes you laugh at yourself.

Rating *and 1/2

Rating: 0 / 5.0


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