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Five Six Seven Eight

Drama | Teen

Season : 1Episode : 8Release Date : 18/11/2022


The makers balanced the episodes with a blend of dance, emotions and twists with their non-linear storytelling. Five Six Seven Eight begins well with promising initial episodes,....

Rating - 3 / 5

A Cool Web Series That Works Despite The Flaws

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, November 22, 2022 ]

Five Six Seven Eight - A cool web series that works despite the flaws.

ZEE5 has created new benchmarks in the world of Tamil OTT with its back-to-back endowment of binge-worthy web series. Following the consistent success, the platform has launched the new series ‘Five Six Seven Eight’. The show, based on dance, is jointly directed by AL Vijay, Prasanna JK and Mrudhula Sridharan. Let's see if this new series keeps up ZEE5's winning streak.

The story follows a group of young dancers who are excellent at grooving, even without any professional training. Vikram (Vivek Jogdande) and Semba (Ditya Sagar Pande) share a passion for dance but are each other's biggest competitors. The young bloods set aside their differences and compete together with their groups in an international dance contest for a noble cause despite their financial constraints. Their dance journey is full of challenges and they try to solve the conspiracy plotted against them parallelly. Did they overcome the struggles and is their cause fulfilled?

Ditya Sagar Pande and Vivek Jogdande gave noteworthy performances as passionate dancers among the other kids. Famous choreographers Chinni Prakash and Nagendra Prasad have delivered short yet impactful acting in this show. Meetha Raghunath and Pasanga Sree Ram provided comic relief amid the plotlines.

Five Six Seven Eight begins well with promising initial episodes, slips a bit midway but manages to convince us with a satisfying finale. But a major concern is that the character writing felt a bit underwhelming. Though the plot is built upon a very old template, the makers balanced the episodes with a blend of dance, emotions and twists with their non-linear storytelling. On the downside, the writers could've avoided the cliched, stereotypic shade in the subplots. Also, the watchers have to let all the logical problems in the screenplay slide away while the show.

The choreography and staging of the dance segments throughout the web series are truly exceptional. While the cinematography and editing help the show look better, the music, which should've been the backbone of a story based on dance, felt poor for a strong premise. Nevertheless, Five Six Seven Eight is a moderate web series that is sure to amuse dance lovers.

Verdict: Go for this teen dance entertainer if you're a dance lover.


Cast: Ditya Sagar Bhande , Vivek Jogdande , Nagendra Prasad

Director: Vijay, Prasanna JK, Mrudhula Sridharan

Screen Play: Vijay

Music: Sam CS

Cinematography: Sandeep K Vijay

Producer: AL Alagappan, Hitesh Thakkar

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